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HSKU also known as Hsing-Ku was formed in 1969 in Tainan, Taiwan. The founder developed the Stainless business as he recognised and believed in the eternal value of the Stainless Steel commodity. Now five decades later, the HSKU Group has expanded from a single family operated business, to various other departments operating in multiple locations.

We pride ourselves on specializing in all types of stainless steel scrap metal and high-grade nickel scrap. In turn, we are confident that we can meet your demands at any size or volume both efficiently and competitively. We are constantly investing in the most innovative and advanced equipment and technology, which ensures that we have the edge and capacity to stay ahead in our field. 

Our Stainless Scrap metal department alone, handles, on average, 150,000 tons of stainless scrap per year. By working with some of the most trustworthy suppliers in the industry, we guarantee that we can source any material at the best quality. To ensure our business achieves continual growth, both in the short term and long term, we conduct our operations with integrity and credibility, helping to establish and secure trust with our clients.

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