Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of HSKU Group. Thanks to the support of all domestic and foreign customers. We will continue to uphold our business philosophy and create a vision for the future.


  2. 2018 NEWS
    HSKU Raw Material Ltd main activities are sourcing, recycling, processing and then supplying of blended Stainless Steel Scrap specifically to the exact content required by our customers. 

    In 2018, the Group has in total 5 yards. Our largest processing yard comprises of 36,000 sq. meters, which opened in 2010. The yard has the newest recycling processing machine and technologies which increases our competitiveness.

    HSKU Stainless Steel Scrap handles on average 150,000 tons of stainless scrap per year from all our yards. By working with our suppliers around the world to efficiently source material, and by using the most advanced equipments and packing systems, we can supply high quality stainless steel scraps to meet any demand from any Stainless smelters and mills around the world.



Stainless Steel Raw Material, Stainless Steel Scrap - Professional Stainless Steel Processing Company in Aisa

Specialising in Processing of Nickel, Chrome and Moly content Units and Stainless Steel Scrap


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